TITLE: Hostility (Single)
GENRE: Alternative
LABEL: Independent
MANAGER: Self-Managed
RELEASE DATE: January 4th, 2019
FORMATS: Digital


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  • LUNA: Singer, Songwriter & Producer


  • ELI GREEN: Musical Director & Drummer

  • RACH WHELAN: Dancer






Luna Ruggiero
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P |    +61416388045


"Flying from all over Australia to see her, the audience has been taken on a dark journey but emerged with a glimmer of hope as Luna has exorcised her demons by the end." - The Music

"Luna has planned her set down to a T, every detail meticulously scrutinised and executed to perfection. " - The Music

“She's got an amazing voice that's super distinctive and that's going to give her an edge above many other female singers in the industry today." Pop Rinse Repeat

"Luna is an artist that I would happily put money on to hit stardom...she has such a powerful voice and a unique outlook on music that comes from such a dark place." KMM Reviews


It’s rare to uncover an artist with a world-class voice and an unmistakably authentic sound to match. Australian singer, LUNA is exactly that and much more—with an alluring combination of soaring, powerful vocals & unapologetic lyrics, layered over a hard hitting contemporary alt-pop soundscape. Unquestionably captivating from the second she steps on stage, LUNA is an electrifying performer who exceeds the conventional expectations of pop singers, leaving her in a league of her own.

LUNA's melodies and dark pop songwriting are influenced by the suffering she has experienced in her life. Regardless of being on the street at nineteen, trapped in several abusive relationships and battling an autoimmune disease, she has proved time and time again she is tough as nails and her evolution as an artist is next to unstoppable. 

Only two months into 2019, LUNA crowdfunded her second EP King of Eve and smashed her goal in just six days, exceeding well beyond the amount landing $9050 and in counting. Her fans are fiercely loyal, there is a constant demand for new music to be released. For an independent and self-managed artist who has only been solo for one year, this is beyond exceptional and just scrapes the surface of her incredibly resilient work ethic. LUNA featured on “BIPOLAR” a pop hit collaboration with renowned Los Angeles DJ’s BEAUZ and ThatBehaviour, which dropped this May. Within the first week, Spotify has featured the song on ten New Music Friday’s around the world and additional editorial playlists helping the track hit a staggering 100,000 streams within the first week of its release.

King of Eve LUNA’s debut album is being released later this year, and is about the light and the dark sides of us that are constantly conflicting with each other, leading to the decisions we make. LUNA touches on the experience of falling in love, getting her heart broken, giving into sin and temptation to chase success and shut out the world. Being consumed by ourselves. Wanting to rule a kingdom, but the internal war and sacrifices that arise when we start to chase these dreams and the castle walls we build around us for protection. With an impressive second record on its way, LUNA will be taking the crown to her kingdom.

Before making her mark in the pop-world, LUNA toured across Europe and Australia as session vocalist and keyboardist to renowned Australian Metal giants, Make Them Suffer, as part of their 'Never Say Die' & 'Ether' tours. After departing the metal scene to develop her solo record, LUNA managed to combine her signature powerhouse sound with dark-pop soundscapes and released her debut single 'Venomous' in early 2017 to rave reviews from fans and media alike. 

LUNA’s first EP Bad was released in early 2018, has been streamed organically more than 60,000 times internationally, and has peaked in popularity being played on several US college radios - and rotating on local Australian radios. With a first show crammed with fans from all over Australia flying interstate to be there, and a sensational live review from Australia's own 'The Music,’ there is no doubt LUNA is making a mark for herself.