It’s rare to uncover an artist with a world class voice and an unmistakably authentic sound to match. Australian singer LUNA is exactly that, and more. What results is an alluring combination of soaring, powerful vocals & unapologetic lyrics, layered over a hard hitting contemporary alt-pop soundscape. LUNA’s debut EP “BAD” is a revelation, and like its creator, it is bold and daring. Welcome to her Sin City.

Before making her mark in the pop-world, LUNA toured across Europe and Australia as session vocalist and keyboardist to renowned Australian Metal giants “Make Them Suffer” as part of their “Never Say Die” & “Ether” tours. After departing the metal scene to develop her solo record, LUNA managed to combine her signature powerhouse sound with dark-pop soundscapes and released her debut single “Venomous” in early 2017 to rave reviews from fans and media alike.

LUNA’s lyrics are honest, raw and unflinchingly pointed. The 23-year-old musician explains the inspiration behind the songs: "I was bed ridden for months from an autoimmune disease. I had endured years of abusive trauma and was physically, and mentally too weak to work or study as a result. On top of being broke and directionless, I was forced to constantly move homes and was homeless twice. I had been labelled as 'bad' by a lot of people around me because of my circumstances, and I was sick of it. So, I decided to take the power back and own the label that I was given. I was helpless and angry when I wrote these songs. You can definitely hear it in my voice. A lot of this record comes from a very dark place that needed to come out.“

With dangerously bold and fierce artistry, Luna emotes uncensored passion as she explores the topics of abuse, depression and control throughout her debut record “BAD”. Tracks 'Karma' and 'Care' strike hard with LUNA’s cutting lyrics and reckless ‘devil-may-care’ attitude. These tracks bounce with punchy electronic dance beats with deeply mesmerising harmonic layers. The deeply personal dark-lullaby 'My Blues' dives into LUNA’s struggles with depression and illness framed by a lush backdrop of eerie samples and percussive textures in this pounding club ballad.

LUNA takes her power back on the ferocious anthem “Goddess”. Her iconic vocals pouring over huge sweeping synths and dark soundscapes create a mood that is as sexy as it is empowering. The daring and aptly titled anti-love song ‘F**k Love’ blends gritty hip hop beats & samples with hard hitting metal influenced guitars & contorting synths, which create a powerful contrast when coupled with Luna's eastern inspired melodies and seductive breathy vocals.

With an impressive debut record, LUNA will unquestionably make her mark in the alternative and pop worlds. In her own words, she will “show you what BAD is”.